After 30 years at Microsoft, Xuedong (XD) Huang has left the company to become Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Zoom. Most recently, Xuedong Huang served as Azure AI CTO and Technical Fellow.

XD founded Microsoft’s speech technology group in 1993 and he is an IEEE and ACM Fellow and an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

XD led Microsoft’s AI teams to achieve several of the industry’s first human parity milestones in speech recognition, machine translation, natural language understanding, and computer vision.


This is not the first time Zoom is hiring people key people from Microsoft. Mu Han, the current Chief Development Officer at Zoom, was Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. He was leading the product management and engineering team responsible for the real-time signaling and media technology and services that power Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Azure Communication Services. Smita Hashim, the current Chief Product Officer at Zoom, was also poached from Microsoft.