Microsoft Teams OneNote Wiki app

The default Notes tab in Microsoft Teams was powered by Wiki. Microsoft has now announced that the Wiki feature will be retired in Teams. All Microsoft Teams Enterprise (non-EDU) users will now get a “Notes” tab, powered by OneNote. This feature is in progress and will start rolling out shortly. Also, this feature is only available on standard channels, and not on private or shared channels yet.

If you already have notes on Wiki, you can export your notes to OneNote from the Wiki tab itself. Also, Microsoft will retain a read-only copy for you in the Wiki app, so you don’t lose your existing notes.

Here’s what you can expect from OneNote-powered Notes tab in Teams:

  • Easy collaboration on OneNote pages across the team with co-edit and page-level conversation
  • All channel notes are organized within a single OneNote notebook, making it easier to find
  • Richer OneNote editing with typing, ink annotations, highlighting, file attachments, etc.
  • Easy recall and search for channel notes within OneNote on any platform
  • Access your notes from anywhere, even outside Teams on OneNote