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Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business services, recently signed a major cloud deal with Microsoft. Teleperformance has signed a multi-year, $185 million Azure Cloud commitment with Microsoft. In addition, the company will also be using Microsoft Azure Open AI service to launch a new suite of AI solutions that enable faster, more efficient, and improved business processes.

The expanded Microsoft partnership also brings improvements to Teleperformance’s existing AI-powered services using Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services. Find the details below.

  • TP Interact – an interaction analytics platform which leverages Azure Cognitive Services to extract and harness insights from all interactions including audio and digital conversations, to help create actionable business insights and drive customer experience enhancements.
  • TP Digital Floorwalker – a chatbot leveraging machine learning and analytics capabilities that helps Teleperformance’s experts resolve customer requests faster and more accurately.
  • StoryfAI – a multi-lingual translation engine which delivers automated translation services in real-time in more than 100 languages, thereby enabling customer care experts to respond across multiple languages more quickly and accurately.

Initial pilots show significant enhancements to customer experience, including reduced handling and response times, improved agent experience and increased customer satisfaction