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Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23486 to the Dev Channel. This new Windows 11 preview build comes with improvements related to passkeys, new dynamic lighting effects, new emojis and more.

Microsoft is improving the passkey experience for Windows users. When you go to any app or website that supports passkeys, you can now create and sign in using passkeys with the Windows Hello native experience. You can use Windows Hello (face, fingerprint, PIN) to sign in. You can also use your phone to complete the application logon process.

Create and Sign in using passkeys saved on your Windows device:

  • Go to a website that has enabled passkeys on Windows (Example:,,
  • Create a passkey from your account settings.
  • Sign out of your account and sign-in using your passkey.

Sign in using passkeys saved on your phone:

  • Go to a website that has enabled passkeys from your mobile device (Example:,,
  • Create a passkey from your account settings.
  • Go to the website on Windows and sign in using your passkey saved on your mobile device.

Also, you can now view and delete passkeys saved for their favorite apps/websites from Windows settings.

  • Navigate to Settings > Accounts > Passkeys.
  • You are presented with a list of all passkeys saved to your Windows device.
  • You can now search and delete any passkey from the device.

Find the full list of other changes and improvements below.

[File Explorer]

  • Microsoft is rolling back the Folder Options changes in File Explorer that removed a handful of old settings in Build 23481.

[Dynamic Lighting]

  • New Effects are now available for Dynamic Lighting via Settings > Personalization > Dynamic Lighting. Check out Wave, Wheel, and Gradient.



  • Microsoft is improving the user experience when changing time zones, including cases of low confidence in location data. It displays a non-dismissible notification for accepting or rejecting the change and prompts the user for confirmation before adjusting the time zone.
  • Microsoft is also improving the user experience while changing the time zone via Settings > Time & language > Date & time. If location settings are disabled, a warning is now shown to the user, urging them to enable location settings to ensure accurate time zone adjustments. This warning provides helpful information to the user, helping them understand why their time zone may not be correct and guiding them towards resolving the issue.