Microsoft has rolled out an exciting new update for OneNote users on iPhone, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly home experience. Designed to enhance the process of creating and managing notes, this update provides a streamlined interface that ensures users can easily access, organize, and create notes in a format that suits them best.

Reinventing the Home Tab

Animation showing the new Home tab in OneNote for iPhone

The heart of the update lies in the revamped Home tab. Here, users can quickly jot down ideas, snap a photo, record a voice memo, or compile a to-do list, all in a few simple taps or a long press. Furthermore, users can select the display format for their notes between a grid view and a list view and sort their notes by different criteria such as name or date, offering complete flexibility over their note-keeping experience.

Quick and Easy Functionality

To create a new note page within a specific notebook’s Quick Notes section, users simply tap the ‘+’ button on the Home tab. For note creation in specific formats like photos, audio notes, tasks, or sticky notes, a long press on the ‘+’ button brings up these options for selection.

New Home tab in OneNote for iPhone

The Home tab also enables users to change the order of their notes, or switch to a list view, through the three-dot menu in the top right corner. This versatility ensures a personalized and tailored note-keeping experience.

Tips and Tricks

By default, the Home tab displays a grid view of recent notes. Users can view a thumbnail of each note, its title, and any images contained within. Notes can be sorted by title, creation date, or modification date for easy access. An enlarged preview of each note, along with the title and the notebook and section it belongs to, is also available.


This new feature is currently being rolled out to Insiders running Version 16.74 (Build 23060500) or later. To access the preview version of this update, users must be signed up for the TestFlight program, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Microsoft reminds users that new features are rolled out gradually to ensure their smooth functioning. Occasionally, elements may be removed or features may be pulled out entirely based on user feedback and functionality assessments.

As always, Microsoft invites users to share their feedback directly from the app, further strengthening the collaborative development process of OneNote. With this latest update, Microsoft continues to advance its mission to optimize user experience and promote seamless digital organization across its product suite.