Without any fanfare or public announcements, Microsoft appears to be discreetly introducing new multimodal features to Bing Chat, the company’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. The new capability, noticed by tech enthusiast András Velvárt and shared on his Twitter, allows users to upload and chat about images, an improvement that leans on the advanced capabilities of GPT-4.

Previously, Bing Chat was an AI-driven chatbot launched in 2023 that provided users with information and answers to questions via text and voice. It was known for its ease of use, comprehensive information, and ability to perform tasks such as setting reminders or making appointments. As part of Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the user experience, Bing Chat promised multimodal features which now seem to be slowly rolling out.

This update significantly expands the interactive capabilities of Bing Chat, enabling users to use text, images, and voice to interact with the AI. For instance, users can upload an image of a product and ask Bing Chat for information related to it. This multimodal interaction offers a more intuitive and comprehensive way to extract information and execute tasks.

However, the rollout appears to be in its early stages as not all users seem to have access to the new feature yet. This discovery led Velvárt to theorize on his Twitter account that Microsoft might be executing a limited silent launch of the feature.

This theory is supported by the fact that Microsoft has yet to make a public announcement about the update. If true, this would be a strategic move by the tech giant, allowing them to test and troubleshoot the feature with a smaller group of users before a wide-scale release.

Once fully deployed, the benefits of Bing Chat’s multimodal feature could be considerable. The enhanced search capabilities with image input will make the chatbot more versatile and user-friendly. Users are already able to interact with Bing Chat using voice commands, further simplifying the user experience. Another promised feature includes video input, where users will be able to upload a video and ask related questions.

This stealthy update of Bing Chat aligns with Microsoft’s broader strategy of leveraging artificial intelligence to provide more seamless, engaging, and natural ways for users to interact with technology. As we see the shift toward multimodal interactions in digital interfaces, Microsoft’s push into this space further solidifies its commitment to AI and natural user interfaces.