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The new Microsoft Teams still lacks 3rd party apps, search in chats, breakout rooms and more

Microsoft Teams preview

Early this year, Microsoft announced the public preview of the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows. This new Teams preview app is built from the ground up focusing on performance, speed and intelligence. Many of the features you already use on classic Teams are already in the new Teams experience, but some key features are still missing.

For example, search in chats and channels is not available in the new experience. Even 3rd party apps and LOB apps support is not available in the Teams experience. Some popular meetings and call features such as Breakout rooms and call queues are not available in the new Teams experience.

The following features are not available in the new Teams experience:

  • Mac, VDI, EDU, and web platforms
  • Special clouds (GCC, GCC-High, DoD)
  • Advanced calling features, such as call queues and reverse number lookup
  • Advanced meeting features, such as breakout rooms and 7×7 video
  • Teams and channel creation, cross-posting, and channel announcements
  • Search in chats and channels
  • 3rd party apps and Line of Business (LOB) apps

The following features are already available in the Teams experience:

  • Activity feed
  • Chat
  • Calls, including regular calls and Teams-to-Teams calls
  • Personal call settings, including calling forwarding, custom ringtones, voicemail, manage delegates, emergency calling, call group
  • Meetings, including meeting start notification, custom backgrounds, and PowerPoint Live
  • Teams and channels, including the new channels experience
  • Support for multiple work accounts and tenants
  • Downloading, uploading, and viewing files, as well as the Files tab in chats and channels
  • Apps, including the Files app and other 1st party apps, such as Virtual Appointments, Approvals, and Tasks, and Microsoft 365 apps, such as Microsoft Viva
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