Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT

Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service can be used to build innovative AI applications, such as writing assistance, code generation, and reasoning over data. Today, Microsoft announced the public preview of a new capability in Azure OpenAI service that will excite enterprise customers around the world. Azure OpenAI Service can now be used on private enterprise data. This allows organizations to take advantage of the power of OpenAI models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4, with their own data.

Azure OpenAI Service on your data eliminates the need for training or fine-tuning since OpenAI model can directly run on the data. Azure OpenAI Service on your data supports connecting to multiple sources, including:

  • Azure Cognitive Search index: You can connect your data to an Azure Cognitive Search index, enabling seamless integration with OpenAI models.
  • Azure Blob storage container: Connect your data to an Azure Blob storage container and easily access it for analysis and conversation using Azure OpenAI Service
  • Local files: Connect to files in your Azure AI portal, providing flexibility and convenience in connecting your data. We ingest and chunk the data into your Azure Cognitive Search index. File formats such as txt, md, html, Word files, PowerPoint, and PDF can be utilized for analysis and conversation.

By leveraging OpenAI models with your own data, you can unlock powerful insights, improve decision-making, and enhance productivity across your organization