Microsoft Azure AI Studio

At Build 2023, Microsoft announced Azure AI Studio, a full life cycle tool to build, train, evaluate, and deploy the latest next-generation models responsibly. Azure AI Studio is now available for customers who have access to Azure OpenAI Service.

Azure AI Studio now allows you to explore the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service models with the chat playground, a no-code environment where you can experiment, iterate, and generate completions based on your prompts. The chat playground also offers Python and curl code samples for integration into your own applications.

Once you have finalized your model, you have the option to deploy a web app directly from Azure AI studio. The deployment from Azure AI Studio allows you to choose a name, select the appropriate subscription, resource group, location, and pricing plan for your web app. You can also use the API and endpoint to integrate this feature in the service.

You can also use Azure AI Studio to connect your desired data source to train your model. Once your data source is connected, you can start asking questions and conversing with the created models through Azure AI Studio.

If you are interested in accessing the new Azure AI Studio, apply here to get access.

Today, Microsoft announced the public preview of a new capability in Azure OpenAI service that will excite enterprise customers around the world. Azure OpenAI Service can now be used on private enterprise data. This allows organizations to take advantage of the power of OpenAI models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4, with their own data. You can read more about it here.