Microsoft has announced a significant upgrade to the Recording Studio in PowerPoint for Windows, introducing a much-needed Teleprompter feature. The enhancement aims to streamline the video recording process for presenters, making it easier than ever to deliver confident and professional presentations.

Ridhima Gupta, a Product Manager on the Office Video team, introduced the auto-scrolling Teleprompter view for Windows Insiders, revealing its potential to revolutionize video presentations within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Say Goodbye to Fumbling with Scripts

The updated Teleprompter view promises an end to fumbling with scripts during video recordings. With this new feature, presenters can easily refer to their scripts while maintaining optimal eye contact with the camera, thus delivering their message with enhanced confidence.

The Teleprompter’s auto-scroll feature facilitates a smooth recording experience. Presenters can add their scripts to the Notes section on each slide, launch the Recording Studio, and select the Teleprompter view to reference their script during recording.

Tailor the Experience

Customization is at the heart of this enhanced Teleprompter feature. Presenters can adjust the script font size and Teleprompter height according to their needs, ensuring the most comfortable viewing experience. The auto-scroll feature can also be adjusted with the scroll speed slider, allowing presenters to match the scroll pace with their speaking speed.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Gupta also shared a few tips and tricks to maximize the Teleprompter’s potential. By expanding the Teleprompter height, presenters can achieve a full-screen Teleprompter view. Adding line breaks in the script can help guide intentional pauses during the recording.

For quick and easy control, keyboard shortcuts have been incorporated, including the ability to pause or resume auto-scroll and to change the scroll speed. Furthermore, the new Focus area in the Recording Studio helps keep the presenter’s attention on the current line of the script, ensuring constant eye contact with the camera.


The enhanced Teleprompter feature is currently rolling out to Beta Channel users running Version 2306 (Build 16529.20000) or later. Users must have a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone to record audio or video narrations in the Recording Studio.

As this feature is slowly released to larger numbers of Insiders, not all users will have immediate access. However, Microsoft encourages feedback from its user base to continue enhancing this feature.

The enhanced Teleprompter feature underscores Microsoft’s commitment to providing tools that streamline and simplify the process of creating professional presentations. By offering more control and flexibility, Microsoft is empowering presenters to deliver high-quality presentations with greater ease and confidence.