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Intel Ushers In A New Era With Its Most Significant Brand Update In 15 Years Ahead of Meteor Lake Launch

In a historic move that marks the biggest brand update in 15 years, Intel has announced a major overhaul to its client compute branding. The new branding coincides with the highly anticipated launch of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processors, signaling a new era for the tech giant’s product lineup.

“With products like Meteor Lake, which emphasize power efficiency and AI at scale, Intel is reinforcing its commitment to innovation and technological leadership,” said Caitlin Anderson, Intel’s vice president and general manager of Client Computing Group Sales. The updated branding structure, Anderson explained, will allow PC buyers to more easily differentiate Intel’s cutting-edge offerings from its mainstream solutions.

New Branding, Streamlined Offerings

The updated branding structure incorporates several notable changes. Among them is the introduction of the Intel Core Ultra processor brand, specifically designated for the company’s most advanced client processors. To streamline its offerings, Intel is simplifying the Intel Core processor brand for mainstream client offerings.

For added clarity, Intel is also moving towards a 3/5/7/9 processor tiering for its upcoming next-generation processors. Furthermore, the company is introducing modifications to the Intel Evo Edition platform brand for Evo-verified designs. Finally, Intel will introduce the Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials device labels for relevant commercial systems.

Meteor Lake: A Groundbreaking Innovation

Meteor Lake represents a landmark shift in Intel’s client processor roadmap. It will be the first client processor manufactured on the new Intel 4 process node. This next-generation processor will also debut Intel’s first client chiplet design, enabled by Foveros advanced 3D packaging technology, promising improved power efficiency and graphics performance.

Adding to its list of firsts, Meteor Lake will be the first Intel client processor to feature a dedicated AI engine: Intel AI Boost. This powerful component underlines Intel’s focus on AI and is set to revolutionize computing tasks with its enhanced capabilities.

Aligning with the Future

Intel’s new branding structure is meticulously designed to align with its future client technology roadmap. By simplifying and clarifying its branding, Intel aims to help customers identify the ideal solutions for their computing needs from its industry-leading partner ecosystem.

The changes also underscore the continued prominence of the Intel Core brand, which has been a mainstay of the PC industry for nearly two decades. By initiating these strategic updates, Intel is poised to maintain its position as an industry leader while meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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