As the summer season beckons, Google Maps is rolling out three fresh updates aimed at enhancing trip planning and exploration for users. From expanding the revolutionary Immersive View to introducing a user-friendly navigation feature and a practical enhancement to Recents, Google Maps is set to elevate your digital travel experiences.

Immersive View: Expanding Horizons

Earlier in the year, Google Maps launched Immersive View, a ground-breaking feature employing AI to merge billions of images and construct a multi-dimensional representation of the world. The interface provides a wealth of trusted information, significantly boosting user exploration.

As of today, Immersive View is being expanded to four additional cities – Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice. Furthermore, the feature is being extended to more than 500 significant landmarks globally, including the likes of Prague Castle and Sydney Harbour Bridge, viewable on Android and iOS.

Users planning a trip can get a head start by familiarizing themselves with their destination using Immersive View. For instance, if you’re visiting Boston and want to get a feel for the historic Faneuil Hall, you can get a virtual overview of the building and its surroundings directly from Google Maps. The feature also allows users to gauge weather conditions and crowd levels at different times of the day.

Glanceable Directions: Simplifying Navigation

While Immersive View’s intricate details offer an enriching experience, sometimes less is indeed more. For users familiar with their routes, Google Maps introduces “glanceable directions.” This feature allows users to track their progress directly from their lock screen or route overview.

Glanceable directions provide crucial information that was previously available only in comprehensive navigation mode, such as updated ETAs and next turn locations. If you decide to switch paths, Google Maps will adjust your trip accordingly. This user-friendly feature will start rolling out globally this month, available for walking, cycling, and driving modes on Android and iOS.

Recents on Desktop: Streamlining Trip Planning

Trip planning often entails keeping track of multiple places you’d like to visit, a task that can become quite cumbersome. Google Maps has a solution with Recents, a desktop feature that organizes places you’ve researched into an easy-to-access highlight on your screen.

With new updates scheduled to roll out next month, Recents will save your explored places even after you close your Google Maps window. This means you can pause your planning and resume later without losing your progress. The enhanced Recents feature also allows users to plan multiple trips simultaneously, share a selection of places with others, and even create a custom route by selecting three or more destinations.

As summer approaches, whether you’re planning a local outing or an international voyage, Google Maps is poised to be your ultimate digital travel companion. With its blend of innovative and practical features, Google Maps is pushing the boundaries of what digital travel planning and exploration can be.