Google’s most recent Pixel Drop has introduced a whole new set of features and updates that take the smartphone experience to new heights. The updates are set to hit Pixel phones, Pixel watches, and Fitbit devices over the next few weeks, transforming everyday smartphone usage into a much more refined and personalized experience.

Enhanced Safety and Health Monitoring with Pixel Phones

One of the most impressive updates in this Pixel Drop is the enhanced safety features brought by Google Assistant. Users can now schedule safety checks and start emergency sharing through voice commands, providing an extra layer of safety, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities like night running.

Building on the existing car crash detection feature launched in 2019, Google now allows users to share real-time location and call status with their emergency contacts in the unfortunate event of a severe crash.

Other updates include hands-free photo taking for Pixel 6 and newer models, achieved by raising your palm to trigger a timer for self-timed photos. Furthermore, Pixel 6 and newer models will now allow users to bring photos to life with Pixel’s new cinematic wallpapers, which use AI to transform 2D photos into dynamic 3D scenes.

Innovation in Video and Audio

Google is known for its groundbreaking innovations, and this drop is no exception. Pixel 7 Pro users can now use the Macro Focus feature for video, bringing microscopic detail to life in their video content. Google has also refined its Recorder app, which will now enable Pixel 6 and newer models to export transcripts into Google Docs, generate speaker-labeled video clips, and search for speakers within recordings.

Fitness and Health Features for Pixel Watch and Fitbit Devices

An image of the oxygen saturation feature on a Pixel Watch.

Moving on to wearables, Pixel Watch now comes with the SpO2 feature, monitoring the level of oxygen in your blood while you sleep. It can track your SpO2 trends over time, which could help identify changes associated with your activity, altitude, and overall wellness.

Fitbit users can now choose from a full list of exercise modes in their Exercise menu, check their Daily Readiness Score, log menstrual cycles, and view cycle states directly from their device. They can even change clock faces with a long press on the home screen and select from four new clock faces in the Fitbit app gallery.

Smart Home Controls, Adaptive Charging, and More

An image of a Pixel phone showing the redesigned home panel in the Google Home app.

In addition to the myriad of features above, Google has also introduced quick access to smart home controls directly from the Pixel lock screen, smarter haptics for Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a, and an Adaptive Charging feature that uses Google AI to extend the lifespan of your Pixel battery.

Google Assistant has also been updated with two new voices, making it sound more natural and relatable to even more users. The Pixel Watch also supports Google Assistant in more languages including Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Spanish.

A Game-Changer for Smartphone Users

The Pixel Drop June 2023 brings a powerful package of useful, safety-enhancing, and innovative updates to Pixel phones, Pixel watches, and Fitbit devices. Google has proven, once again, its commitment to delivering a personalized, user-friendly, and safety-focused experience for its users. With these new updates, the future of smartphone usage seems brighter, safer, and a lot more exciting.

Check out Google’s overview video below and read all the detail here.