Adobe Illustrator

At MAX London, Adobe today announced a new feature called Generative Recolor (beta), the first integration of Adobe Firefly in Adobe Illustrator. The new Generative Recolor feature will allow designers to quickly try with colors using simple text prompts.

Generative Recolor magically transforms colors in vector artwork like never before.

Until now, designers created color variations manually every time they developed new graphics. With Firefly-powered assistance, designers can dramatically accelerate time-consuming color processes, freeing their time for more creative and less tedious tasks.

  • The new capability is designed to capture the essence of a vision – “noon in the desert” or “midnight in the jungle” – and then translate it into custom themes to recolor vector artwork.
  • Based on simple text prompts, this pioneering technology automatically applies colors to complex vector graphics, saving time by removing the artist’s need to manually modify each individual object.

Generative Recolor offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for designers:

  • Faster Color Capture: Save time by rapidly and intelligently recoloring graphics using simple text prompts.
  • Color Discovery and Transformation: Experiment effortlessly with various colors, palettes and themes to achieve the right look and feel for your artwork.
  • Multiple Colorway Variations: Generate numerous color variations from a single artwork file for use across social, print and web.

Generative Recolor beta is now available in Adobe Illustrator today.