Microsoft has announced announces a significant update for PowerPoint for iOS users: an extended collection of templates, now boasting a total of 71 as opposed to the original 24. This promising new feature was introduced by Ekta Dwivedy, the Product Manager of the PowerPoint team. The announcement revealed an array of user-friendly enhancements aimed at making the presentation creating process even more comfortable and diversified, especially for social media content creation.

Expanded Template Collection for Varied Usage

The newly released templates have been designed with social media-friendly utility in mind. Users can now create a wide range of engaging content, ranging from posters, flyers, and invitations to celebratory posts, and so much more.

Animation showing how to create a presentation using a template

This expansion is aimed at empowering PowerPoint users, allowing them to enhance their creativity and efficiency while using the application on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. The ability to swiftly and effectively construct visually appealing slides and presentations can now be carried out on-the-go with the updated PowerPoint for iOS.

Effortless Integration and Use

The new template collection is easy to access and utilize. Users can simply tap on ‘New’ followed by the ‘+’ sign to access the collection. Upon selecting a preferred template from the newly extended collection, users can customize it to their heart’s content, adapting it to fit their specific needs and objectives.

Gradual Roll-out Ensuring Smooth Functionality

The feature is currently available to Insiders running Version 2.74 (23051101) or later. However, it’s worth noting that the feature is being gradually rolled out to ensure smooth functionality. As such, if you don’t find the new feature in your application, the chances are that the rollout hasn’t reached you yet.

Feedback and Iterations

The PowerPoint team invites feedback and suggestions from its users, promising to improve based on the input they receive. For sending feedback, users can tap on their profile photo, followed by ‘Help & Feedback > Tell Us What You Like’ or ‘Tell Us What Can Be Better.’

These interactive elements highlight PowerPoint’s commitment to continually enhancing its user experience, addressing user needs, and ensuring that they provide a comprehensive, user-friendly service that empowers creativity and efficiency.