Xbox Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Controller and Headset

At Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Microsoft yesterday announced the new Starfield Limited Edition Xbox wireless controller and headset. The crisp, clean designs of these accessories are inspired by real world spacecraft.

The Xbox Wireless Controller – Starfield Limited Edition features transparent triggers with visible bronze rumble motors underneath, full side and back grips designed to resemble spaceship panels, and a sleek Constellation-inspired color mark around the Xbox button.

The Xbox Wireless Headset – Starfield Limited Edition features constellation red-and-white striped headband, the transparent mic boom, and audio tones custom made for your adventure.

You will also get a unique dynamic background that is unlocked by connecting the Starfield Limited Edition wireless controller or headset to your Xbox Series X|S console.

You can now order these limited-edition accessories from the link below.

Microsoft also revealed the new Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive and Game Hub for Xbox. These are wrapped in exclusive artwork commemorating the Constellation space explorers, up to 8TB of storage, plus LED illumination. The Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive and Game Hub are available for pre-order today for $109.99 USD ERP (2TB), $169.99 USD ERP (5TB), and $239.99 USD ERP (8TB) from select retailers worldwide.