Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager allows you to generate unique passwords and autofill them when you log into your Google Account on Chrome from your computer, Android or iOS device. Yesterday, Google announced five new features coming to Google Password Manager across desktop and iOS.

On Chrome desktop, Google Password Manager now has a dedicated home allowing you to easily review all your saved online credentials or change your password settings. You can open it by clicking “Password Manager” in your Chrome menu or “Manage passwords” when Chrome prompts you to autofill a saved password. You can also create a desktop shortcut for Google Password Manager.

Biometric authentication support is coming soon to Google Password Manager on desktop. This will add an additional layer of security before Chrome autofills your password.

You can now add notes to the credentials you save in Google Password Manager, so all your important login details are in one place. To access the notes, click the key icon when you’re logging into a website to easily review the notes you’ve saved for each account.

You can now easily import your passwords from other password managers. You can export your passwords as a .csv file and import them directly into Chrome on your computer.

On iOS, Password Checkup will now flag weak and reused passwords. This feature will be rolled out in the coming months.

You can now easily sign into websites and view passwords with Google Password Manager on iOS. When you navigate to a log-in page in Chrome, you will have more tappable prompt to autofill your passwords.