Apple Game Porting Toolkit

Porting a Windows game to a different OS typically involves many steps including recompiling your source code; converting thousands of custom shaders from HLSL; re-implementing your graphics subsystem; and converting your use of audio, input, display, and HDR rendering.

At WWDC 2023, Apple yesterday made a major announcement to attract more game developers to its macOS platform. Apple announced the new game porting toolkit that will allow developers to easily port their DirectX-based Windows games to macOS.

This new game porting toolkit from Apple will help developers evaluate their existing Windows game for graphics feature compatibility and performance. Apple has also shared practices and technical resources for handling audio, input, and advanced display features.

Apple Game Porting Toolkit Windows DirectX

The environment of the Game Porting Toolkit translates game’s Intel instructions and its use of Windows APIs. The Metal shader converter supports translation of DXIL to Metal IR and it enables fast compilation through binary translation.

You can watch the video here for more details on Apple Game Porting toolkit.