In a pivotal moment for the tech giant, Apple has introduced the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro – the two most powerful Macs ever made, marking the completion of the Mac transition to Apple silicon.

On Monday, from the company’s Cupertino headquarters, Apple revealed the groundbreaking Mac Studio, equipped with the all-new M2 Max and M2 Ultra. These chips provide an unprecedented boost in performance, six times faster than the most powerful Intel-based 27-inch iMac and three times faster than the previous-generation Mac Studio with M1 Ultra. The new Mac Studio’s stunningly compact design also incorporates enhanced connectivity features.

Meanwhile, the reimagined Mac Pro integrates the remarkable M2 Ultra with the versatility of PCIe expansion, offering three times the speed of the previous Intel-based model. With up to 192GB of unified memory, these cutting-edge devices tackle demanding workloads that outstrip the capabilities of other systems.

John Ternus, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, lauded the achievements, “The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro with Apple silicon are the two most powerful Macs we’ve ever made.”

The Mac Studio: Performance and Connectivity

Mac Studio is designed to empower professionals with its high-performance capabilities, including a 12-core CPU, up to a 38-core GPU, and up to 96GB of unified memory with 400GB/s of memory bandwidth. The M2 Ultra, Apple’s most capable system on a chip (SoC) ever, takes Mac performance to an entirely new level with a 24-core CPU, up to a 76-core GPU, and up to 192GB of memory with 800GB/s of unified memory bandwidth for workstation-class performance.

Apple has also upgraded the Mac Studio’s connectivity features. It now supports Wi-Fi 6E, which delivers download speeds up to twice as fast as the previous generation, Bluetooth 5.3 for connection with the latest Bluetooth accessories, four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10Gb Ethernet port, two USB-A ports, and an enhanced HDMI port.

The Mac Pro: Versatility and Expansion

The new Mac Pro introduces PCIe expansion to Apple silicon, a vital addition for professionals who rely on internal expansion for their workflows. The device offers seven PCle expansion slots, six of which are open expansion slots that support gen 4 – twice as fast as before. This feature empowers professionals to customize and expand their systems to accommodate the most demanding workflows.

Moreover, Mac Pro’s array of connectivity gets a significant upgrade with eight built-in Thunderbolt 4 ports, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, three USB-A ports, two higher-bandwidth HDMI ports, two 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a headphone jack.

Prioritizing the Environment

Apple has made significant strides towards its environmental commitments with the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro. The tech giant utilizes 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets and 100 percent recycled gold plating and tin soldering in multiple printed circuit boards. Moreover, both devices exceed the ENERGY STAR efficiency requirement by over 40 percent.

The Future of macOS

The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro come preinstalled with macOS Ventura, the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, designed to take full advantage of Apple silicon. This autumn, the introduction of macOS Sonoma will further unlock innovative ways to improve productivity and creativity on the Mac.

Pricing and Availability

Apple’s new Mac Studio is priced from $1,999 (U.S.), and educational institutions can avail it at a discounted price of $1,799 (U.S.). The Mac Pro with a tower enclosure has a starting price of $6,999 (U.S.), with an educational price of $6,599 (U.S.).