In the realm of conversational AI, Microsoft continues to lead the pack with the most recent enhancements to Bing Chat, its GPT4-powered chat tool. Bing Chat now offers increased conversation turn limits and a host of innovative features that are set to enhance user interaction and accessibility.

Jordi Ribas, Microsoft’s CVP, Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, announced via Twitter on June 1st that Bing Chat’s turn limits have been increased to 30 per conversation, up from the previous limit, and to a maximum of 300 per day.

The news was greeted with excitement and curiosity, with users asking if the tool will remember the context of a 30-round conversation and whether it would terminate conversations it deems inappropriate.

Apart from the increased turns, Bing Chat has seen a significant upgrade in its features over the past week. Here are some highlights:

Chat History: Bing Chat now keeps track of previous chat threads and displays them conveniently on the right-hand side of the chat window. This enables users to revisit any previous conversation and continue from where they left off. The chat history also provides options to delete, rename, export, or share a conversation with others.

Charts and Visualizations: Microsoft has integrated more visual elements to make chat answers more comprehensive. Questions like “What’s the MSFT stock price?” or “Rank cities in Brazil by population” will now be answered with a generated chart.

Export Functionality: Users can now export their chat answers to a PDF, text file, or Microsoft Word document, making it easier to save and share information.

Video Overlay: Certain chat responses trigger a video response. When a video pops up, users can launch a full-screen video overlay, and if timestamps are included, they can be used to navigate the video.

Optimized Answers for Recipes: Bing Chat continues to improve its visual elements that supplement text-based answers, with the latest upgrade enhancing answers related to recipes.

Share Fixes: Issues with the Share dialog have been resolved, improving the display speed and ensuring the question is included in the shared conversation.

Auto-suggest Quality: The auto-suggest functionality has been improved, providing more useful word suggestions when typing prompts in Bing Chat.

Privacy Improvements in Edge Sidebar: Bing Chat’s integration with the Edge sidebar has seen privacy improvements. Bing Chat will not record any logs of conversations about content on your PC or private content not part of the search index.

Bing Chat’s constant upgrades reflect Microsoft’s commitment to offering users a more engaging, informative, and dynamic chat experience. With the enhanced turn limits and advanced features, users can look forward to even more enriching and fruitful interactions with Bing Chat.