Microsoft has unveiled the general availability of its Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) plug-in for Apple devices. In an announcement made by Alex Simons, the Corporate Vice President of Product at Microsoft Identity and Network Access Division, the company expressed its excitement about bringing this much-anticipated feature to the wider user base.

The SSO plug-in extends the functionality of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), now integrated into Microsoft Entra, to Apple devices running macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. It applies across all applications that support Apple’s enterprise single sign-on feature, even extending to older applications that may not use the latest libraries or protocols or those that lack access to the latest Microsoft Entra features.

“This product is a result of close collaboration between Microsoft and Apple, and the invaluable feedback we’ve received from thousands of customers across finance, aerospace, and retail sectors,” said Simons. This effort aims to alleviate the need for organizations to update their applications to incorporate the latest security and identity features continually.

The plug-in will support widely used applications, including Microsoft Office, Edge for macOS, Safari, and others, irrespective of the mobile device management (MDM) provider in use. Microsoft Intune and JAMF are among the MDM providers the plug-in will support.

The key benefit of the Microsoft Enterprise SSO for Apple Devices lies in its ability to eliminate the need for organizations to keep pace with constant updates. The SSO plug-in takes over the responsibility of integrating the latest security updates and features. It works by listening to every authentication request at the network level and running the plug-in as needed. It automatically maintains the users on the device, ensuring they are always signed in with the latest credentials, providing a seamless SSO user experience.

Simons added, “Most applications you love, including Office, are already supported.” While applications that don’t use Apple’s network libraries won’t be eligible to use this feature, Microsoft anticipates comprehensive support for Apple’s Enterprise SSO feature in the future.

The new product, resulting from over five years of collaboration between Microsoft and Apple, promises an enhanced user experience across platforms. For those eager to get started, Microsoft provides MDM-specific deployment guidance and a troubleshooting guide.

Simons also mentioned a video detailing SSO for Azure AD on Apple platforms for those interested in a deeper understanding of the Microsoft Enterprise SSO Extension. “All you’ll need to do to get the best Entra experience for your employees is keep your apps updated!” Simons concludes.

As tech giants continue their close collaborations, the tech ecosystem can expect more integrated, user-friendly solutions in the future. The Microsoft Enterprise SSO for Apple Devices represents a significant stride towards a more seamlessly integrated digital workspace.

You can learn more about the Microsoft Enterprise SSO Extension by visiting here