Microsoft Teams Communities

Last year, Microsoft announced Communities in Teams that will allow people to connect, share, and collaborate. Based on the user feedback, Microsoft today announced updates to Communities in Teams including new features, greater accessibility, bug fixes, and more.

You can now use communities in Teams on Windows 11 devices, in addition to iOS and Android. On Windows 11, Teams users can now create communities, share and invite members, create and host events, moderate content with critical trust and safety features, and get notified about all important activities. Support for communities in Teams on Windows 10 and macOS devices, as well as web, is coming in the future.

A desktop view showing a person creating a header image for a channel announcement of a soccer game through Microsoft Designer, an AI-assisted image creator.

Microsoft also announced support for Microsoft Designer (Preview) in Teams on Windows 11. This feature will allow you to create personalized designs using AI. Using this, you can create an announcement post in communities to design your own banner with Designer.

Community members can now record videos from their mobile devices. The new capture experience includes updated filters and markup tools. On iOS, community owners can scan and invite multiple emails or phone numbers from an online document, or whatever list they have using the mobile camera.

A person uses the camera on their mobile phone to scan and input a list of email addresses on Microsoft Excel to their Teams account. They send community-join invites to the addresses.

Finally, you will be able to explore and join featured communities in Teams. This feature is coming soon to Windows 11, iOS, and Android. Community owners will be able to set their community to be visible, starting on iOS and Android.

Community owners can now approve or reject requests to join their community and assign owner controls to others in their community. There is also an option to share posts as emails so owners can easily reach members even if they’re not using Teams every day. Finally, community owners can now easily post with Polls, powered by Microsoft Forms.

A desktop view showing the promotion of new feature: Polls in chat.

Some other new features available on Teams include the ability to sync your Google contacts, the ability to translate messages from another language into their own language and a new set of meeting backgrounds to make calls more fun and engaging.