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Microsoft rolling out Intelligent meeting recap feature to all Teams Premium customers

Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft has now announced the general availability of Intelligent meeting recap feature to all Teams Premium customers. Intelligent recap is currently available only in English, support for additional languages is coming in fall 2023.

Intelligent recap feature in Teams will give users personalized highlights from Teams meetings to help discover information that matters most. Users can use this feature on the new ‘Recap’ tab in Teams calendar and chat. In the Recap tab, users will see AI-powered insights like automatic generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to help users quickly find the most important information.

Microsoft Teams Intelligent recap features:

  • AI-generated notes allow users to see key points and takeaways after the meeting, automatically created and powered by GPT.
  • Follow-up is easy with AI-generated tasks and action items automatically suggested for you.
  • Users can navigate to the parts of the recording most relevant to them through personalized timeline markers—only visible to the individual user—which show when their name was mentioned, when a screen was shared, and when they joined and left the meeting.
  • Speaker timeline markers show who spoke during the meeting, when they spoke, and allows users to jump to that moment. Speaker timeline markers are intelligently organized by who the user works most closely with.
  • Coming soon, intelligent recap in Teams will automatically generate meeting chapters that divide the meeting into sections so it’s easy to select and jump to the most relevant section, as well as meeting topics that allow users to jump to a point in the meeting when a certain topic was discussed.

It is important to note that AI-generated notes and AI-generated tasks will not be available for EU based tenants now. It will be available for EU tenants in mid-August 2023.


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