Apple WWDC 2023

Early next month, Apple is expected to unveil a groundbreaking and unconventional product, a mixed-reality headset, marking a departure from its usual product launch strategy. The device, which has been seven years in development, is a considerable gamble for the tech giant, as it veers into uncharted territory. Today, analyst Ross Young revealed some details about the display specs of the upcoming Apple’s mixed reality headset.

Unlike the existing AR/VR headsets on the market, the new Apple headset will feature two 1.41-inch Micro OLED displays with more than 5000 nits of brightness and 4000 PPI.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will come equipped with numerous features and applications, including:

  • The ability to run most existing iPad apps in mixed reality, which combines AR and VR
  • A new Wellness app with a focus on meditation, offering immersive graphics, calming sounds, and voice-overs
  • Compatibility with hundreds of thousands of existing third-party iPad apps from the App Store
  • A new portal for watching sports in virtual reality as part of Apple’s push into streaming live games and news
  • A large gaming focus, including top-tier titles from existing third-party developers for Apple’s other devices
  • A feature to use the headset as an external monitor for a connected Mac
  • Advanced videoconferencing and virtual meeting rooms with realistic avatars
  • New collaboration tools via the Freeform app, enabling users to work on virtual whiteboards and review material together
  • A new VR-focused Fitness+ experience for working out while wearing the headset (to be introduced later)
  • The ability to watch videos while immersed in a virtual environment, such as a desert scene or in the sky

Users can operate the headset through hand and eye control, Siri, or with a connected keyboard or controls from another Apple device.

The expected price tag of $3,000 puts it out of reach for many consumers. The device will also feature a separate, handheld battery pack, a notable design departure from Apple’s typically sleek and minimalist product line.