At the recent Build 2023, Bing announced a series of exciting updates to its preview app, hinting at a new era of mobile user experience defined by advanced AI capabilities, real-time search, and extended interactivity. The software giant declared a breakthrough in its collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, promising enhanced information access, an expanded partner platform, and a new Windows integration feature named Copilot.

OpenAI Integration Boosts Bing’s Real-time Search

Embracing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bing is enhancing its search engine capabilities to provide timely and updated answers. The Bing integration is currently rolling out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, with plans to extend the service to free users soon through the Bing plugin. Additionally, Bing and ChatGPT will share a plugin platform to strengthen the symbiotic relationship between search and conversational AI.

Bing Chat Widget and Windows Copilot


Microsoft’s Bing is entering the mobile user interface with the launch of the Bing Chat widget for Android. The widget enables users to access Bing Chat directly from their Android Home screen, streamlining the search process and boosting engagement.

Moreover, Bing announced Windows Copilot, integrating Bing Chat into Windows 11. This feature brings the power of conversational AI directly into the Windows environment, fostering a more interactive and responsive user experience.

SwiftKey Innovations


Furthering its foray into mobile enhancements, Bing released a new Compose feature in SwiftKey that functions similarly to Compose in the Edge sidebar. It generates text based on user-selected parameters, such as subject, message tone, format, and length, essentially creating an AI assistant that aids in drafting emails or other text-based communications.

In a bid to inject a more human touch to its AI writing tool, Bing has added Witty and Funny to the list of available tones in SwiftKey Compose. Users can now create text messages imbued with a sense of humor, brightening up their everyday communications.

In another notable update, Bing introduced an AI-powered translator to the SwiftKey keyboard, enabling instantaneous language translation in all Bing Chat supported languages. The feature, already present in Android, was extended to iOS users this week.

Sports Grounding

Sports enthusiasts have something to cheer about as Bing has improved its sports grounding. Users can now ask Bing Chat for information about sports games, schedules, stats, and standings across various sports. Whether you’re a baseball fan inquiring about the latest MLB games and scores or a cricket enthusiast looking for the test match schedule, Bing Chat has you covered.

These innovative features, when combined, indicate Bing’s ongoing commitment to revolutionizing the mobile and desktop user experience. By leveraging its collaboration with OpenAI and incorporating AI-powered tools into everyday use, Bing is reshaping how we interact with technology in our day-to-day lives.

To try out the updated Bing mobile app, download it on your iOS or Android device today and experience the improvements for yourself.