Superhuman Windows app

Superhuman email client is now available on Windows. Superhuman offers several innovative features enabling you to easily manage busy inboxes. You can find the list of features below.

1. Fly through your inbox twice as fast as before

  • Split Inbox: Split out messages from your team, VIPs, and most used tools. Focus on what really matters.
  • Superhuman Command: Don’t yet know a shortcut? Just open Command and enter what you want.

2. Reply to important messages faster

  • Shortcuts: Every action has a blazingly fast shortcut. It’s all just a key press away.
  • Instant Intro: Say thank you, move to BCC, and start responding. All in an instant.

3. Get three hours back every single week

  • Snippets: Insert phrases, paragraphs, or whole emails. Save the time it takes to type.
  • Remind Me: Snooze messages until it’s right for you. Move faster with an empty inbox.

4. Enjoy relentlessly refined design

  • Inbox Zero: Enjoy stunning imagery that inspires joy and awe. Savor the view.
  • Carbon: A gorgeous dark theme. Minimal and lightweight, with a premium finish.

5. Eliminate email anxiety

  • Undo Send: No more misspelled names, tragic typos, or emails you regret. Just hit Undo, and it will never have sent.
  • Block: Instantly block specific senders, or even entire domains. We’ll also delete everything they’ve ever sent you.

Superhuman also comes with generative AI capabilities. Superhuman AI allows you to write entire emails with just one line. You can just write some phrases, and it will turn them into a full email. Also, Superhuman AI will try to match the voice and tone in the emails you’ve already sent. You can find details in the source link below.