Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally confirmed rumors of a new hardware development codenamed Project Q. Revealed during the recent State of Play stream, Project Q is a handheld device designed to stream games directly from the PlayStation 5 (PS5). Although details remain limited, what we do know about this groundbreaking gadget may revolutionize handheld gaming as we know it.

Slated for a release later this year, Project Q will feature an 8-inch HD display. It incorporates the full range of features found in the DualSense controller, signaling a deep commitment to retain the immersion and interactivity that Sony’s consoles are known for. Excluding PSVR titles, players can stream any game from their PS5 to the device, provided both are connected to the internet.

The announcement of Project Q has spurred heated discussions on Twitter, with gamers likening it to a PS5 controller split in half with an 8-inch 1080p display in the middle. Other users noted the similarities to Nintendo’s Wii U gamepad, while some speculated that it might be capable of remote play from a PS4, assuming no software restrictions are implemented.

However, the news has also sparked skepticism. Some users questioned the need for Project Q if it requires close proximity to the PS5, arguing that it would make more sense to play directly on the main console. Despite these reservations, many gamers seem enthusiastic about the handheld’s potential, particularly its application for on-the-go gaming.

Yet, even amidst this wave of speculation and anticipation, many details about Project Q remain elusive. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, assured fans that more information is forthcoming, but has yet to reveal specifics about the hardware or its projected cost.

As handheld gaming devices continue to evolve, Sony’s Project Q offers an intriguing glimpse of a potential future where the boundaries between console and portable gaming continue to blur. While critics point to similar offerings from Nintendo and Steam, it will ultimately be the market’s reaction that determines Project Q’s success.

Will Project Q revolutionize handheld gaming, or will it be overshadowed by its predecessors? As Sony prepares to unveil more about this ambitious project, the gaming world will undoubtedly be watching with bated breath.