Microsoft OpenAI Plugins

OpenAI announced ChatGPT plugins in March. Microsoft announced plugins for Bing earlier this month. At Build 2023, Microsoft today announced that it is adopting the same open plugin standard that OpenAI is using for ChatGPT. So, plugins created for ChatGPT can be used for Microsoft’s copilot offerings and vice versa. Developers can create a plugin for ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot and Windows Copilot with a single effort. Microsoft highlighted that Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin and Zillow plugins will be coming soon to Bing Chat.

a plugin could serve as a bridge between a large language model and a website or back-end system that a
company uses to book business travel, enabling the copilot to make arrangements for a salesperson’s trip to San
Francisco that are in line with the company’s travel policy.

Visual Studio Code, GitHub Copilot and GitHub Codespaces will enable developers to easily create, debug and deploy new plugins. Also, Azure AI will add capabilities to run and test plugins on private enterprise data.