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At Build 2023, Microsoft today introduced Microsoft Edge for Business preview. Microsoft Edge for Business offers dedicated work experience with its own visual elements, like an updated icon, the organization’s name, and others. Also, Microsoft Edge for Business will have a rich set of enterprise controls, security, and productivity features. It is expected to be the standard browser experience for enterprise organizations, using an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) sign in.

Microsoft Edge for Business will satisfy the needs of both end users and IT Pros as it automatically separates work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows with their own separate caches and storage locations. Work-related sites, such as Microsoft 365 apps and services and sites requiring work login, automatically open in the work browser window. While other popular sites automatically open in regular Edge window.

Microsoft Edge for Business is now available in preview today on managed devices. Microsoft Edge for Business is also coming to unmanaged devices in the coming months.

Edge for Business also addresses problems created by hybrid work, where the lines between work and personal have been blurred. Users want privacy and separation in their browsing so personal data like
browsing history and passwords aren’t synced to their organization. Meanwhile, IT Pros want to maintain their organization’s security posture