Boosteroid Xbox Microsoft

Early this year, Microsoft announced that it will bring PC Games from Xbox to Boosteroid cloud game streaming platform. Microsoft also announced that Activision Blizzard PC titles can also be streamed by Boosteroid customers once Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard closes later this year.

Today, Microsoft announced that Deathloop, Gears 5, Grounded and Pentiment will be for Boosteroid members from June 1st in the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, countries across the European Union, and the United States. These four titles are just the start, Microsoft will add more games in the future. Boosteroid members will be able to access games purchased through Steam or the Epic Game Store for now. Support for games purchased through the Microsoft Store will be coming soon.

For those who subscribe to Boosteroid, they can play PC games from Xbox across a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Android, Android TV, and macOS through an app, and even more devices through browsers and webOS.

On a related news, Microsoft recently announced that select PC games from Xbox are now available to NVIDIA GeForce NOW members.