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Microsoft Unveils New ‘Favorites’ Feature for Microsoft 365 App on Android

Microsoft is introducing a new feature to its Microsoft 365 Android app, making it easier than ever for users to access their most used files. Called ‘Favorites’, this feature enables users to favorite a file and locate it quickly from the Favorites tab on the Home page of the Microsoft 365 app. Whether it’s a travel document, a receipt, or a medical report, users can now locate their favorite files in seconds.

Ajay Sodhi, a Microsoft spokesperson, outlined the new feature in a recent blog post. He also mentioned that favorited files stored in OneDrive would be available under the ‘Pinned’ section on the desktop and web versions of Microsoft 365 at www.microsoft365.com.

How to Use the New ‘Favorites’ Feature

To favorite a file, users need to tap on the ‘…’ menu next to any file item to open more options. Then, they should select ‘Favorite’. Once a file has been favorited, a toast notification appears with a ‘View All’ option. Tapping on ‘View All’ opens the Favorites tab. To unfavorite a file, users can tap on the ‘…’ menu again and select ‘Unfavorite’.

The Favorites feature also offers a Quick Action Toolbar and a variety of available actions, including Share, Favorite, Remove from the list, and Properties. These options provide flexibility and control over the user’s favorited files.

In the card view, users can navigate to quick actions at the bottom of the file card and tap ‘Favorite’. The favorited file will then appear in the Favorites tab. To remove a file from the Favorites tab, the ‘Favorite’ button should be tapped again.

Global Rollout and Future Roadmap

Microsoft has already rolled out the Favorites feature to Microsoft 365 users worldwide. Users can experience this new feature by downloading and updating the Microsoft 365 app.

Users interested in trying this feature must ensure they have the Microsoft 365 mobile app installed from the Google Play Store. The app should be updated to version 16.0.16227.20212 or higher.

As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to improving productivity, the company maintains a roadmap of upcoming features and improvements for the Microsoft 365 suite. The Favorites/Unfavorite feature for OneDrive, currently in development, is one such upcoming enhancement.

Microsoft continues to leverage cutting-edge technology and user feedback to enhance its offerings, making it easier for users to stay organized and productive. The introduction of the Favorites feature underscores this commitment, providing an innovative and user-friendly solution to file management.

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