In a bid to shape a new era in the app ecosystem, Microsoft Store has announced the launch of a dedicated space within its platform for artificial intelligence (AI) applications – the AI Hub. The move signals Microsoft’s commitment to revolutionizing how its customers interact with and leverage AI in their everyday lives.

The AI Hub will serve as a curated section promoting the best AI experiences created by both the Microsoft development team and the broader developer community. From using AI to boost productivity with apps like Gamma and, to expressing creativity with tools like Luminar Neo and Lensa, the AI Hub promises to broaden users’ AI horizon.

In this AI-enhanced future, Microsoft Store promises a secure environment by testing all AI Hub content for security, family safety, and device compatibility. The company’s intention is to provide customers with an optimal level of control over their experiences.

Developers have also been invited to join this pioneering venture, and those interested can indicate their willingness to feature their AI apps in the AI Hub.