In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Samsung has unveiled an enhanced Ambient Sound feature for its Galaxy Buds2 Pro, marking a significant stride in making technology more accessible and inclusive. This innovative feature is designed to help those who are hard of hearing better enjoy the sounds of the world around them.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro, already a popular choice for music lovers and those seeking to tune in or out of their surroundings, now offers five levels of amplification, up from the previous three. This improvement is expected to extend the benefits of improved hearing to an even larger user base.

The enhanced Ambient Sound feature underwent rigorous testing in a clinical trial conducted by the University of Iowa’s Hearing Aid and Aging Research Laboratory. The results were promising, with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro significantly improving speech perception in individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. A similar trial by the Samsung Medical Center echoed these findings, suggesting that the Galaxy Buds2 Pro could be an effective tool for enhancing communication in quiet environments for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

In addition to the increased levels of amplification, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro now offers more customization options. Users can adjust the volumes on the left and right earbuds independently and customize their Ambient Sound tone range from soft to clear across five different stages. The Adapt Ambient Sound feature further tailors the audio experience to users’ ears, providing even more clarity.

Han-gil Moon, Master and Head of Advanced Audio Lab, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed excitement over the introduction of the enhanced accessibility feature. He reaffirmed Samsung’s commitment to helping each user experience the best possible audio with their Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

The enhanced Ambient Sound feature will be progressively released on Galaxy Buds2 Pro via software updates in the coming weeks. However, availability may vary by market, carrier, and model.

Samsung’s advancements in audio technology, as demonstrated by the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, underscore the company’s dedication to creating a more inclusive and accessible world. As we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, it’s heartening to see tech giants like Samsung taking significant steps towards making technology more accessible for everyone.