Microsoft Bing AI features

Microsoft today announced several new AI features that are rolling out across its mobile apps including Bing, Edge, SwiftKey and Skype. Along with the new features in mobile apps, the Bing chat experience on both desktop and mobile will get much richer with videos, Knowledge Cards, graphs, better formatting, and social sharing. Microsoft also announced that chat history is rolling out across desktop and mobile. Learn about the new features below.

Microsoft Bing:

The new Bing Chat widget is now available on iOS and Android. You can find quick setup instructions here and here. Using these features, you can click the Bing icon to land directly in the new Bing Chat experience or click the microphone icon to verbally ask a question.

You can now have continuous conversations across platforms. The ability to continue desktop conversations on mobile, and vice versa, will enable new experiences. This feature is flighting now and will be available to everyone on iOS and Android within the next week. To use this feature, you can click on the answer on desktop, then select phone icon in the options menu to view the QR Code. You can scan the code to open the same conversation on your phone.

Finally, Microsoft has increased the country and language support for voice input, and improved the quality for non-English chats.


SwiftKey app now supports Compose feature allowing you to draft text based on the message tone, format, and length. Once the text is generated, you can quickly edit the drafted text to ensure details are correct, and then use it. This feature will begin rolling out today and it will be available to all users across iOS and Android within the next two weeks. It is important to note that this functionality is also available on desktop via the Edge sidebar.

AI-powered translator is now built right into the SwiftKey keyboard. Using the Translate feature, you can choose the languages to translate to and from. This feature is already available on Android and will be available to all users, including iOS, worldwide within the next week.

Finally, the SwiftKey Tone feature now has two new Tones – Witty and Funny.

Microsoft Edge browser:


On Edge mobile browser, you can now ask questions in Bing Chat related to content on the mobile page you are browsing. To ask any contextual question, you can tap on the Chat icon on the bottom navigation bar and ask any question about the content you are viewing. While reading an article or document, you can also tap the Bing Chat icon and ask Chat to summarize the content for you.

Bing will soon be able to quickly provide deep context for any text in the Edge mobile app. For example, you can highlight any text and select Bing from the options menu. This will open a conversation with Bing, which you can use to explain more about the topic with cited sources and clearly summarized text. These new experiences will become available to all users worldwide soon.


All group chats taking place in Skype can include the new AI-powered Bing. To access the Bing, you can tag @Bing directly. This feature is rolling out to users currently and will be available to everyone within a few days.