Mark Russinovich, the author of Sysinternals and the creator of the popular utility ZoomIt, has taken to Twitter to announce an upcoming update to his versatile tool. The forthcoming ZoomIt v7, due to be released later this week, brings several new features, including the ability to record cropped regions or a specific window and to snip regions of the zoomed screen directly to the clipboard or file.

“ZoomIt v7 coming this week: you can now screen record cropped regions or a specific window, and snip regions of the screen and zoomed views to the clipboard or file in one gesture. Screen zooming, annotation, recording, snipping and saving all in one tiny (1MB) applet,” Russinovich tweeted.

A Tiny Powerhouse of Productivity

ZoomIt, primarily designed for technical presentations that include application demonstrations, is a screen zoom, annotation, and recording tool. It operates unobtrusively in the tray and uses customizable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen, move while zoomed, and draw on the zoomed image. It’s compatible with all versions of Windows and supports touch and pen input for drawing on tablets.

The first time you launch ZoomIt, a configuration dialog appears, describing its behavior and allowing you to specify alternate hotkeys for zooming and entering drawing mode without zooming. You can also customize the drawing pen color and size. The app includes a break timer feature that remains active even if you tab away from the timer window.

Enhanced Usability with Shortcuts

ZoomIt offers a plethora of shortcuts to enhance its usage significantly. For instance, you can quickly enter zoom mode with Ctrl + 1, zoom in and out with mouse scroll up and down, or start and stop drawing with a simple left or right click while in zoom mode. Users can also draw without zooming using Ctrl + 2, increase or decrease the line and cursor size in drawing mode, and much more.

The update will bring forth the ability to screen record cropped regions or specific windows, a feature that could prove incredibly useful for tutorial and presentation creators. Additionally, snipping regions of the screen and zoomed views directly to the clipboard or a file in a single gesture will significantly streamline the process of capturing and saving important information.

ZoomIt v7, despite its compact size of just 1MB, is set to deliver a power-packed performance with its handy features, offering users a comprehensive tool for their screen zooming, annotation, recording, snipping, and saving needs.