Google Geospatial Creator

Along with the improvements to ARCore Geospatial capabilities, Google today announced Geospatial Creator that will allow developers and creators to create realistic augmented reality experiences. The new Geospatial Creator can be used to create world-anchored immersive content in minutes using Adobe Aero or Unity.

Geospatial Creator is powered by ARCore and Photorealistic 3D Tiles from Google Maps Platform. Using this tool, developers can easily visualize where in the real-world they want to place their digital content. It also supports new ARCore Geospatial capabilities such as Rooftop anchors. Once you create a content using Geospatial Creator, it will be supported on both iOS and Android. Creations in Adobe Aero can be shared via a simple QR code scan or link. End user can go to the particular location and use the link to access the created content.

Geospatial Creator gives anyone the superpower of creating world scale AR experience remotely.

You can find more details on Google Geospatial Creator here.