Amazon Anywhere AR shopping

Amazon today announced Amazon Anywhere, a new immersive shopping experience for video games, virtual worlds, and mobile apps. Right now, most shopping in virtual worlds is limited to purchases of virtual currency and in-game digital items. If you want to purchase physical products like T-shirts or other merchandise, users must open Amazon or other e-commerce websites. With Amazon Anywhere, Amazon is bringing the convenience and ease of shopping in Amazon stores to games and other apps. Without leaving the games and other apps, you can buy physical products with ease.

Here’s how Amazon Anywhere works:

  • Developers and app creators can curate products from the breadth of Amazon’s selection, including a brand’s own merchandise.
  • They can integrate the curated products store inside their app.
  • Users can launch the curated Amazon Store within the app and browse through them.
  • Once the product is selected, users can tap the “buy” button and check out using their linked Amazon account without leaving the game.
  • Products will ship to users like any other purchase from Amazon, and they can track and manage orders via the Amazon app.

Developers and creators are able to broaden in-game or in-app environments to offer more than digital products, opening up a new way to engage their audiences without worrying about selection, shipping, or fulfillment.

Developers can sign-up for Amazon Anywhere program here.