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Microsoft Edge has several performance and security features like Sleeping Tabs, Efficiency Mode, Startup Boost and protection against phishing and malware attacks.

Microsoft has now introduced a new feature called Browser essentials that improves upon the previous Performance Hub. The new Browser essentials feature will reveal how Edge’s performance and security features can make your browsing experience better.

Browser essentials feature is now rolling out to Edge Canary users and will roll out to a portion of Dev channel users starting with Edge 112. When you receive the new feature, you will see its heart pulse icon on the toolbar.

Browser essentials recommending background tabs be closed or slept

  • When you click on the Browser essentials icon from the toolbar, you’ll see the status of some of Edge’s key performance features – Efficiency Mode, Sleeping Tabs, and the Performance Detector.

Browser essentials showing SmartScreen-powered scanning

  • Microsoft Edge uses SmartScreen’s reputation engine to assure that what you click on is what you expect. We’re constantly scanning sites and downloads for you, searching for possible malware.

Image of the Performance tool in Browser Essentials. An "efficiency mode" toggle is prominently displayed and a graph shows "88% savings" on memory.

  • Performance Detector helps identify scenarios where browser performance may be impacted and recommends actions to you through Browser essentials that will decrease memory use or other resources. We expect to add more recommendations in the coming months.