The Bing mobile app, available on iOS and Android, has recently received a significant update, bringing improvements to the overall user experience. The app provides an interactive chat-based search interface powered by GPT-4, which allows users to ask questions and receive answers in various formats, such as bullet points, text, or simplified responses. The recent update aims to improve formatting and expand language support in the app’s Image Creator feature.

New Formatting for Chat Answers

The Bing team has focused on enhancing the formatting of chat answers, ensuring a more visually appealing and consistent experience when using the app. Users can now enjoy better and more consistent use of bolding, bulleted lists, and tables, particularly in Creative mode. These improvements make it easier for users to consume information and navigate through the chat interface.


Multilingual Support in Image Creator

In addition to formatting improvements, the update brings multilingual support to the Image Creator feature within the Bing chat. Previously limited to English, users can now request image generation in over 100 languages, making the app more inclusive and accessible for a wider range of users.


Continuous Development and Feedback

The Bing team is committed to continuous improvement, actively seeking feedback from users to enhance the app’s functionality and performance. Over the next few weeks, users may notice temporary experimentation with new features as the team works to fine-tune the app. Updates on feature availability will be provided through the app’s Release Notes.

To try out the updated Bing mobile app, download it on your iOS or Android device today and experience the improvements for yourself.