Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has grown into one of the most widely-used messaging apps worldwide, with over 2 billion monthly active users as of 2021. Acquired by Facebook in 2014, the app has continually evolved to offer users a seamless communication experience, featuring end-to-end encryption, voice and video calls, and various media-sharing options. Now, WhatsApp is taking another step forward with new updates aimed at making chats more productive and enjoyable.

New Updates to Polls

To help groups gather information and make decisions together, WhatsApp is introducing three new updates for polls:

  1. Create single-vote polls: Poll creators can now choose to allow users to vote only once by turning off the ‘allow multiple answers’ option, ensuring a definitive answer for decision-making.
  2. Search for polls in your chats: Users can now filter messages by polls, just like they can for photos, videos, or links. On the ‘Chats’ screen, press ‘Search’ and then ‘Polls’ to find a list of all poll results.
  3. Stay updated on poll results: Notifications will be sent when people vote on your polls, allowing you to keep up with responses easily.

Forwarding with Captions

To provide added context when sharing photos and videos on WhatsApp, users now have the option to keep, delete, or rewrite captions when forwarding media. This enhancement allows for better communication and understanding when sharing images between chats. Additionally, users can add captions to photos and videos as they forward them.

Sharing Documents with Captions

In a similar vein, WhatsApp now offers the option to add captions to documents before sharing them. This feature is particularly useful when sending newspaper articles or work documents, providing essential context and explanations for recipients.

These updates have already begun rolling out to users worldwide and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. As WhatsApp continues to innovate and adapt to users’ needs, the app remains a reliable and indispensable tool for communication in our increasingly connected world.