Microsoft Bing Chat

Along with the announcement about expanding the availability of the new Bing experience to everyone, Microsoft today also revealed several new features and improvements that are coming to the new AI-powered Bing in the coming weeks and months. Read about them in detail below.

  1. Chat History:

Bing will soon allow users to save their chat histories and access them when required. Users will also have the ability to export their chat sessions without losing formatting.

2. Visual Search:

Instead of providing text-based answers, Bing Chat will now include relevant images and videos, and even charts and graphics when required.

3. 3rd party plugin support:

Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft will add support for 3rd party plugins making Bing Chat as a conversational platform. For example, using OpenTable plugin, users can directly make reservation using Bing Chat. Using WolframAlpha plugin, users can get detailed scientific information. Microsoft will reveal more details about this at Build conference later this month.

4. Additional language support:

Bing Image Creator now supports over 100 different languages. Previously, it was limited to English.

5. Multi-modal search:

You will be able to soon upload images and ask questions about the image to Bing.

6. Improved summarization:

Bing will get better at summarizing long documents, both in PDF and HTML formats. You have to just open the document in Edge browser and access the Bing Chat from Edge sidebar and ask questions about your document.

Along with the above Bing updates, Microsoft also revealed that Edge browser is getting a big visual update with streamlined look, rounded corners, organized containers and semi-transparent visual elements.