Microsoft 365 has announced new updates to enhance video capabilities, making it easier than ever to create, share, and consume video content across the platform. These updates include video-first SharePoint pages, improvements to the Stream web app, recording tools, faster video loading, and a plethora of transcript and caption improvements.

Video-First SharePoint Pages

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 Enhanced Video in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has unveiled a new set of creator updates for SharePoint, including new features to make video content more captivating on intranet pages. The updated Stream web part now allows inline playback of single and multiple videos on SharePoint pages, and new video-centric templates ensure that video content takes center stage. These capabilities will be rolled out over the next few months.

New in the Stream Web App

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 Enhanced Video in Microsoft 365

Soon, the Stream web app will have new capabilities, allowing users to upload videos, choose where to store them, and even favorite them for easy access later. These features are expected to be available by June.

Recording Videos

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 Enhanced Video in Microsoft 365

Stream has added new tools for creating polished, professional videos, including custom backdrops, text, filters, stickers, inking, and a teleprompter. These tools will help users create more engaging videos with a professional appearance.

Faster Video Loading

Microsoft has made improvements to video playback, reducing buffering and video load times. The aim is to offer a smoother viewing experience, especially on low-bandwidth connections.

Automatic Transcript Generation and Improvements

Soon, transcripts will be generated automatically for all videos created in Stream, making them more accessible for all viewers. Additionally, users can now search transcripts for keywords, see profile pictures instead of initials in Teams meeting transcripts, download transcripts as .docx files, and move captions to avoid blocking critical parts of the video.

Choose Only the Files You Want to Migrate

Microsoft is adding new capabilities to the migration tool to help IT admins migrate their organization’s content from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint). Starting June 1st, admins can scan all Stream (Classic) content, apply filters, and choose which videos to migrate, saving time and SharePoint storage.

These new updates to Microsoft 365’s video capabilities make it easier than ever for users to create, share, and consume video content across the platform. Microsoft welcomes user feedback and invites users to join their customer connections office hours to discuss their video needs and provide input on future improvements.

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