LinkedIn has taken another step forward in leveraging artificial intelligence to aid its users in their job-seeking endeavors. In a recent press release, Ora Levit, Senior Director and Head of Core Growth + Premium at LinkedIn, announced that the platform is testing AI-powered personalized writing suggestions for Premium subscribers.

The feature is designed to address the common struggle of crafting the perfect message to engage with hiring managers. The AI-driven tool uses generative AI technology, drawing on information from the user’s profile, the hiring manager’s profile, the job description, and the company of interest. This enables the creation of a highly personalized draft message that can be used as a starting point for reaching out to potential employers.

While the AI-generated draft aims to be as relevant as possible, LinkedIn encourages users to customize the message further, ensuring it accurately reflects their voice and intentions. The ultimate goal is to help users connect with hiring managers more effectively and move one step closer to securing their next job opportunity.

This new AI-based feature builds upon LinkedIn’s recent announcement of AI-powered writing suggestions for user profiles. The tool, which is being rolled out to Premium subscribers, assists users in crafting engaging headlines and “About” sections by analyzing the content already present in their profiles.

LinkedIn’s venture into AI-powered features extends beyond profile creation and personalized messages. The platform has also introduced “collaborative articles,” another AI-driven innovation that generates text to help users create content.

As an OpenAI partner, Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn, continues to explore the possibilities of AI integration within the platform. The gradual rollout of AI-powered writing suggestions for Premium subscribers has already begun, and LinkedIn is eager to receive user feedback in the coming months. This ongoing commitment to innovation highlights the potential for AI to revolutionize the way we approach networking and job seeking in the digital age.