Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become so popular that enterprises are finding ways to prevent their employees from using it since employees might leak confidential data with ChatGPT. Samsung Electronics recently banned its employees from using ChatGPT and other generative AI services after some employees leaked upcoming product roadmap with ChatGPT.

Today, The Information reported that Microsoft is planning to offer dedicated ChatGPT instances to enterprises who want to protect their internal data.

Later this quarter, Microsoft will offer ChatGPT hosted on dedicated Azure servers where the data will be kept separate from other customers. Also, ChatGPT will not use the customer data for training the models. The Information reported that this dedicated ChatGPT instance could cost as much as 10 times what customers currently pay to use the regular version of ChatGPT.

We are not sure whether The Information’s report is accurate. Because we don’t think OpenAI will offer the whole ChatGPT experience to Microsoft as a whitebox solution. The technology behind ChatGPT, GPT 4.0 model, is already available with Microsoft. So, Microsoft might offer ChatGPT-like AI chat experience to enterprises, not the whole ChatGPT. Think about Bing Chat experience for enterprises. We can expect Microsoft to reveal more about this upcoming solution in the coming months.