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Folding Pixel Phone: New Leaked Images Showcase Google’s Nearly Gapless Design

The Google Pixel Fold's first leaked marketing images reveal a sleek, gapless design.

The long-rumored Google Pixel Fold has been the subject of numerous leaks, but the latest images that have surfaced provide the most detailed look yet at the folding smartphone. The leaked marketing images, courtesy of the reliable Evan Blass (@evleaks), show the Pixel Fold with a nearly gapless design, a big screen on the outside, and an even bigger screen within.

The 4K images, shared by Blass on Twitter, give us a closer look at the Pixel Fold’s design, which appears to be more refined than in the previously leaked real-world video. The gap between the two halves of the phone seems minimal, and the rumored 5.8-inch front screen looks reasonably substantial. Though the images don’t provide information about the camera bump, the overall design appears slick and impressive.

These new images come shortly after Blass leaked the specs of the Pixel Fold, as well as a render of a stunning coral Pixel 7A. He also recently leaked the new folding Razr, indicating that foldable smartphones may be a growing trend in the mobile device market.

Google has yet to officially announce the Pixel Fold, but these leaked images are likely to fuel even more anticipation for the upcoming device. If the images are accurate representations of the final product, Google may have a serious contender in the foldable phone market.

It’s worth noting that these are still leaks, and the final product could differ from what we see in these images. However, it’s clear that Google is working on something exciting, and we’ll be keeping an eye on further developments as they unfold.

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