Meta Quest v53 Update

Meta today announced the roll out of the next Meta Quest software update, v53. The v53 update brings several new features including WiFi 6E support, new parental controls, the ability to delay shutting down Meta Quest headset until updates are completed and more. Find the details below.

Improved Parental Controls:

The Meta Quest Browser Website Category Filter allows parents and guardians to manage what their teens can access and view in the Meta Quest Browser. Parents can set up this new feature in the Parental Supervision tab in the Meta Quest mobile app. Parents can choose to block websites based on different categories such as “Alcohol” or “Violence.”

Improved Updates management:

You now have the ability to update apps before the device is shut down. This will help minimize the number of app updates that you have to complete before you open an VR experience.

Improved Camera Settings and Stereo Audio:

Advanced Camera Settings—namely, image stabilization, plus the ability to choose your frame rate, bit rate, and aspect ratio are now available under Camera Settings. Previosuly, it was available under Experimental Settings panel.

With this update, video recordings will capture stereo audio instead of mono to offer more immersive playback experience.

Twitch support:

Meta Quest Browser now allows you to watch your favorite streamers, chat, follow and subscribe from Twitch.

WiFi 6E:

Meta Quest Pro now has WiFi 6E support for speeds up to 1.6Gbps.

Text readout on system keyboard:

A readout will show up when you are using the system keyboard. This will allow you to quickly glance at what you’re typing in VR and make easy edits and should reduce eye and neck strain.

Select time zone and edit time:

You will now be able to select the time zone on your headset and manually edit the displayed time. To do this, select the date at the top of the Quick Settings panel.

VR notification grouping:

Multiple notifications from a specific app will now be grouped together, allowing you to more efficiently interact with them.