Microsoft Designer

Last year, Microsoft announced Microsoft Designer, a new AI-powered graphic designer app on the web. Until now, Microsoft Designer was available only with an invite. Today, Microsoft is opening up Microsoft Designer preview to the general public. Without an invite, anyone can now access this app for free. In addition to the expanded availability, Microsoft also announced new features in Microsoft Designer. Find the details below.

  • Designer can help you instantly generate written captions and hashtags that are more relevant for social media posts. It now offers suggestions you can choose from to assist in crafting the perfect captions that align with your design.
  • A new feature enables you to change the original design canvas size to a different size while automatically shifting the elements of the design to seamlessly fit. Resize your posts to up to 20 different social media layout sizes across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  • You can now create animated visuals in Designer. Adding a pop of motion helps you bring your creations to life instantly with animated backgrounds, engaging emotions, and text with transitions applied automatically with the help of AI technology.

Microsoft also announced that the following four features are coming to Microsoft Designer soon.

  • If you have a graphic that needs something specifically in the corner, use Fill by circling the spot and placing the object you want there in a flash and with the help of AI.
  • Do you feel like there could be more to your picture? Expand background leverages AI to help you automatically fill in the rest of the picture and offer a more compelling landscape that frames your image.
  • If there’s an object or person you didn’t intend to be in a graphic, use Erase by simply brushing over the object to remove it and automatically get another image generated to replace the space.
  • Rather be at the beach than in your home office? Use Replace background to quickly remove your current background and replace it with another that you desire.

Finally, Microsoft is also bringing Designer to the Edge browser’s sidebar. You can create unique designs instantly by simply describing the graphic you want without leaving the website you have visited. The preview of Designer in Edge is now rolling out to Edge browser.