On April 25, 2023, Bloomberg revealed that Apple Inc. is developing an AI-powered health coaching service, mood tracking technology, and an iPad health app, in an effort to further expand its health services. These features are planned for iOS 17, and are aimed at enhancing user engagement with health and wellness functionalities.

The new health coaching service, codenamed Quartz, is designed to motivate users to exercise, improve their eating habits, and promote better sleep. By leveraging AI and data from the Apple Watch, the service will provide personalized suggestions and coaching programs tailored to individual users.

Apple Watch Ultra

In addition to Quartz, Apple plans to launch an iPad version of its iPhone health app. The iPad app will allow users to view their electrocardiogram results and other health data in a larger format. It is hoped that the iPad version will gain popularity in healthcare settings, where tablets are already widely used.

Furthermore, Apple will introduce tools for tracking emotions and managing vision conditions, such as nearsightedness. The initial version of the emotion tracker will allow users to log their mood, answer questions about their day, and compare their results over time. In the future, Apple aims to utilize algorithms that can determine a user’s mood based on speech, typed words, and other data on their devices.

These new features are expected to be unveiled at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. However, the Quartz coaching service, which is a more significant step, is not set to be announced this year. Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset will also contribute to the health and wellness strategy, with a meditation feature and an optimized version of Apple’s Fitness+ workout service in development.

This latest move highlights Apple’s continued commitment to health services and marks a new direction in the company’s push towards health and wellness innovation.