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You can now send documents directly from Microsoft Word to Kindle Scribe

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The Kindle Scribe, Amazon’s flagship e-reader, is getting a new update that brings several new features. Some of the new features include the ability to send documents from Microsoft Word to Kindle, and a new bird’s eye view for enhanced navigation.

With the new Send to Kindle feature in Microsoft Word, you can send documents (.docx and .doc) from Word app on your desktop or browser to read and review on your Kindle Scribe. This feature is rolling out today on Windows and coming soon to Mac and Web experiences.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to File > Export (or Share) > Send to Kindle.
  • Choose which format you prefer for your document. The “Like a printed document” option enables on-page writing with Kindle Scribe, while the “Like a Kindle book” option enables handwritten sticky notes with Kindle Scribe.
  • You can then read and annotate Word documents sent to your Kindle. Writing on the page and handwritten sticky notes are available only on Kindle Scribe.
  • Users can also add “Send to Kindle” to the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon at the top of Word for quicker access (Files > Options > Customize Ribbon/Toolbar > Choose commands from “All Commands”).

The new In-Notebook Birds Eye View allows you to see nine notebook pages at once for a quick overview of your notebook pages. You can also add/insert pages, move a single page, and delete a single page in this view.

PDF documents now have the ability to increase or decrease contrast. The contrast slider will be available in PDF documents imported via Send to Kindle and PDF Kindle catalog content.

Finally, you have a new option option between one or two-column displays for books when your device is in Landscape orientation. Two column display will be available in the new Aa menu setting in the layout tab for books content.

These updates will automatically download and install on Kindle Scribe over the next few weeks when connected to the internet.

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