Microsoft is preparing to unveil a significant upgrade for Windows 11 this fall, including the introduction of AI-powered Smart Snap, a feature designed to enhance the Snap Assist behavior in the operating system. The AI-driven Smart Snap layouts will provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience for those who frequently multitask.

Enhanced Window Management with Smart Snap

Windows 11 already comes equipped with the Snap feature, which allows users to display multiple app windows on a single screen and select from various layouts and sizes for improved multitasking and productivity. The introduction of Snap Assist in Windows 11 streamlines the process further by automatically displaying open windows as thumbnails, making it easier for users to choose which windows to add to their selected layout.

The upcoming Smart Snap feature takes the snapping and windowing experience to another level. With AI integration, the operating system will be able to remember and understand a user’s snapping behavior. This means that Windows 11 will be capable of recalling Snap Layouts for specific app groups, which can then be restored with just a single click.

AI-Driven Efficiency for Power Users

Power users who frequently multitask with the same set of apps will greatly benefit from this AI-powered feature. Instead of manually setting up Snap Layouts every time they close apps or restart their device, the Smart Snap will remember the preferred layouts and make suggestions, streamlining the restoration process and making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Courtesy WindowsLatest

A preview build of Windows 11 has showcased this feature in action, although it’s currently hidden and only functional in some configurations. Microsoft is set to launch the AI-driven Smart Snap layouts later this year, following further development and testing.

Future Integrations and Improvements

In addition to the Smart Snap feature, Microsoft is considering integrating Microsoft 365 into File Explorer and displaying real-time recommendations. This integration will further enhance the Windows 11 user experience, potentially creating a seamless workflow for Microsoft 365 users.

As Microsoft continues to innovate and implement new features for Windows 11, users can expect a more intuitive and efficient operating system that caters to their needs and preferences. With AI-driven advancements like the Smart Snap layouts, multitasking and productivity are set to reach new heights.